Does the sea turtle need help?

Sea turtles may be found on Texas beaches because they are nesting, injured, sick, or dead. Unlike populations in other parts of the world, our sea turtles typically don’t come to land in order to rest or sunbathe. If you have found a sea turtle that you believe is in need of assistance, please proceed with trying to coordinate the rescue of this animal by calling one of the phone numbers below. After the phone call has been placed, please stay with the animal until help arrives if you are able.

You’ve accidentally hooked a sea turtle while fishing, now what?

Incidental capture is something that occurs and is no fault of your own. If you have accidentally hooked a sea turtle, please do not reel the animal in. Immediately call one of the phone numbers listed above and we will happily walk you through the next process. Please never try to remove the hook or gear yourself.

What species of turtle have you found?

The Gulf of Mexico is home to five of the seven sea turtle species; loggerhead, green, hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley, and leatherback. By providing the rescuer with as much information as possible, you will ensure that they know what to expect and have the appropriate gear to proceed with the rescue. Information that would be helpful to the rescuer includes; size, approximate weight, any noticeable injuries, descriptive location, and species identification. Please refer to the chart below to aid you in gathering the appropriate information!

If you have found an injured sea turtle:

  • Nesting turtles – please call 1-866-TURTLE-5 or 1-866-887-8535
  • To report injured, sick or dead turtles, please call 1-866-TURTLE-5 (1-866-877-8535) or the ARK, our partner facility in Port Aransas at 361-749-6793 or 361-442-7638