If you have found a bird:

  • In Corpus Christi please contact the Texas Sealife Center at 1-361-589-4023
  • Additional assistance may be found by contacting one of the following numbers.
    – Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (361-826-4630)
    – US fish and Wildlife Department (361-994-9005)
    – Wings | Rockport/ Fulton area | 361-205-0892
    – UTMSI – ARK| Port Aransas | 361-749-6793
    – Texas State Aquarium | North Beach/Downtown | 361-881-1210
    – Barnyard Sanctuary | Domestic ducks & geese | 361-960-9170
  • In other areas of Texas, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator or wildlife agency.

Does the bird need help?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if  a bird is in need of assistance or is just resting. When trying to determine if the animal needs help or not, first look for any obvious wounds or entanglements. Are the wings droopy? Can you see anything attached to the bird; plastic, fishing line, glue trap, etc? If you approach the bird, is it unable to stand or fly?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the bird needs to be admitted into rehabilitation. Call the appropriate number to arrange rescue. Our center can be reached at 361-589-4023. We have predator proof carriers in front of our building for birds in the event that we are closed.

You’ve accidentally hooked a bird while fishing, now what?

Incidental capture is something that occur frequently. If you have accidentally hooked a bird, please do not reel the animal in. Please never try to remove the hook or gear yourself. Immediately call one of the phone numbers listed above and we will happily walk you through the next process.

Baby Birds:

Each spring, many baby birds become orphaned. While some are able to be re-nested in order to stay with mom, some are not. At that point, the decision is made to admit them into rehab. A baby bird’s best chance at survival is with mom. Whenever you find a baby bird who you believed may have been blown out of the nest, the best thing to do is attempt re-nesting. In order to help you decide how to proceed with the bird you have found, feel free to follow the diagram below and call with any questions.