Wildlife Rescue

dolphin-1167996_640If you have found a bird:

  • In Corpus Christi please contact the Texas Sealife Center at 1-361-589-4023
  • Additional assistance may be found by contacting one of the following numbers.
    – UTMSI – ARK (361-749-6793)
    – Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (361-826-4630)
    – US fish and Wildlife Department (361-994-9005)
  • In other areas of Texas, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator or wildlife agency

If you have found a sea turtle:

  • Sea turtles may be found on Texas beaches because they are nesting, injured, sick, or dead.
  • Nesting turtles – please call 1-866-TURTLE-5 or 1-866-887-8535
  • To report injured, sick or dead turtles, please call 1-866-TURTLE-5 (1-866-877-8535) or the ARK, our partner facility in Port Aransas at 361-749-6793 or 361-442-7638

If you have found a stranded dolphin:

  • Please call 1-800-9-MAMMAL (1-800-962-6625)